CBX 3 Building 900, The Hub, Milton Keynes

Client: Frontier Estates (CBX III) Limited
Timescales: 70 weeks

This project was completed while Antony Wood was working for another practice as Partner in Charge. It was not completed by WS Project Consulting and this project profile seeks to recognise the experience gained by Antony Wood.

Building 900 was a design and build project constructed by Bowmer & Kirkland in 2007-2009. The project provided approximately 7,000 ft2 GIFA of retail shell space at ground floor with capped off incoming services and 58,000 ft2 GIFA of office accommodation on six upper floors.

The building's construction was steel frame with cellform beams, composite floor concrete construction, full height floor to ceiling glass façades mixed with terracotta rainscreen cladding on the northern elevation, a gull wing roof and external terrace. Internally the building was finished to a Category A standard with a full air-conditioning, ceilings, raised access floors, finished reception and toilets/core areas on each floor.

While constructing the base build the Client secured lettings with tenants and the brief was to liaise with each Tenant, agree scope of the fit out and translate this into a brief for the Bowmer & Kirkland to price, procure and implement as base build enhancements and then liaise with each of the Tenant's fit out contractors during the works and into the fit out period.

Provision of access for fitting out was agreed to suit occupation dates of each Tenant and the operational capabilities of the building's services. Each of the Tenant's were successfully accommodated on their respective floors and trading in late 2009.